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Ghandiyal Jaat Yatra
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This is Tehri Garhwal, it every alternate year. This ancient beautiful temple is devoted to Ghandihayal devta, also known as Jai Shri Ghantakarna Devta. We celebrate this Ghandiyal Mela every year on 25th May at Ghandial Dhaar. He protects pilgrims who visited Shri Parvat near his kingdom from bandits. He primarily used bow and arrows, to protect innocents. He died fighting thieves while saving a group of people who were targeted for threat and robbery.

He reincarnated as Ghantakarna Mahavir. He is venerated as 30th Vir (hero) in list of fifty-two Rakshak Deva ("protector divinity"). Ghandiyal dhar is situated in Patti Chandrabadini, Near Hindolakhal, Tehri Garhwal Uttarakhand District. He liked the sounds of bells (ghanta) and had bell-shaped ears (karna) so he was called Ghanta-karna Mahavir (great warrior). He was fond of sukhdi (mixture of jaggery, wheat and ghee), a sweet, so it is offered by devotees at his Mahudi shrine.

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