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ANDYOGRAPHY STUDIO is founded by Andy Rawat, which has several features like Trek Info, documentaries. Travellers have a huge amount of enthusiasm for Trek Himalaya and ensure that all photographs of Travel-Treks will be great and discover the qualities that go into my selection for the ethos behind all Traveller.

We recently released a VIDEO about Trekking Information. This is fastest and easiest way to plan photoshoot. I've shared most comprehensive Travelling search from Himalayas Trekking, Desert, Sea and Beaches. My website will help you to save time to Explore detination. Who shared world's moments through clicks, have focused on creativity. So we can focuses on exploring himalaya shoot that bring out the creativity.

Image Title

Professional Rich Photoshoot

Portrait Shoot
a solo portrait shoot for modeling
Wedding Shoot
a complete candid wedding shoot
Baby Shoot
a new born baby and baby kids shoot
Fashion Shoot
a shoot for new fashion world.
Travel Shoot
a travelogue shoot in different palces
Bridal Shoot
a couples, solo, bridal's prepration/wedding shoot
Landscape Shoot
a glimps of natural beauty scenery
Wildlife Shoot
a wild action and activities
Architectural Shoot
a pictures of structures and monuments
Macro Shoot
a closer shot to insects, flowers, textures etc.
Black&White Shoot
a diferent photography in dark grey shoot
Action Shoot
a activities of expressions, actions and moves

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Understand your desires to shoot and enthusiasts and amateurs photographer build club.

Photo Tour and Treks

Photo Tour and trips that keep you learning to going on and on in your photography to click better.

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We've seen major improvement and started mission of Taking pics still continued to be professional.

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More than 12k followers made to fit and suit everyone’s requirements and share information to resolve queries.

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Believe in feedback by viewers. Systematic and strong content will helped to achieve correct feedback.

Experience of Trek Shoot

Regular sharing Session, Enthusiasts or Amateur, who spread info across the nation for complete solution.