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Churdhar Summitt
2016 Trekking, Travelling and Photography Andy Rawat

Churdhar is named after deity Chureshwar Maharaj who used to live here in ancient times. As per mythology, he was sent packing by Lord Shiva from this place when he struck lightening at hill top. churdhar peak in Sirmour near Nahan is the highest peak in Outer Himalayas. Haripurdhar Nohradhar and Chaupal near Nahan are the three bases for the trek to Churdar peak. Nohradhar is the most popular base for the Churdhar trek. The trek route to Churdhar from Nohradhar is approximately 16 kms long and will take about 7-9 hrs to complete. Churdhar is highest peak of lower Himalayas. A perfect trek in the vicinity, it takes us through dense forests, open meadows and finally to the Churdhar Peak from where view are nothing short of amazing. Trek from Solan side starts at Nauradhar and is approximately 17 kms to the top. Other route starts from Sarahan, Shimla district and is 8km but is more steeper than the Nauradhar one. Once you reach Nauradhar, all the tiredness would go the moment you see the trail snaking upwards through the forest towards the destination

Churdhar is also called Chur Chandni, which means mountain dressed in moonlight. From the summit, you get a panoramic view of the lowland tracts on the south and snow clad ranges, including the peaks of Badrinath and Kedarnath in the Garhwal region towards the north. I would say stay at the Chandratal camping grounds for a few days. Please note that camping is not allowed by the edge of the lake. I went to Chandratal, the camping grounds have been pushed back further away from the lake and I like it. The place can be approached by two main routes, from Nohradhar, Sirmour of 14 km and Sarahan, Chaupal of 8 km. During a trek of almost 5 hours, you don’t feel tired as the striking views, thick forest full of chirping noises, keeps your energy level up. Also, a few other charming spots and temples, that you come across while you are on the way to Churdhar, make the journey unforgettable.

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